Join the Center

In this programs, companies in the field of IoT, Blockchain, AI and related technologies will have been evaluated. This evaluation will be done due to their request. After acceptance and joining in center, members can benefit the center advantages such as:

  • Finding the proper business partner in another country and signing a contract.
  • Use of consulting and monitoring of services.
  • Attend in center’s annual B2B exhibition and meeting and other events.

Membership applicants can submit their application through the link (registration form).

Deployment in the center

Applicants at the Innovation Center can apply to an office in Iran or China after submitting their application to the Innovation Center. Acceptance are based on the export capability of the products or services of the companies.

It worth to be mentioned that applicants who have the opportunity to settle in the center can apply for the link (registration form).

Collaboration with the Center

Investors can submit their request from the link (registration form) if they wish to collaborate with the center on the center’s development plans, start-up investments or work with the Innovation Center.