On July 1, 2019, the President of Iran’s Tehran University, Abbas, the Technical Counselor of the Iranian Embassy in China, Danesidus, the scientific and technical consultant of the University of Tehran, Iran, Maji, and the Iranian visiting scholar Muteza visited the Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance.

The two sides conducted friendly and in-depth exchanges on new information technology fields such as Internet of Things, smart city, smart medical care, new energy, and smart agriculture, and formally cooperated to establish the China-Iranian Internet of Things Innovation Center. Wang Zhengwei, secretary general of the Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance, personally attended the signing. The ceremony, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Alliance Zhang Yuansheng, the Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Huaiyu, and the Secretary-General of the Alliance Smart Health Committee, Chi Sheng, participated together. In the future, the two sides will work together to promote better, faster and stronger development of the Internet of Things industry in the two countries.

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