The ‘Silk Road’ has been a link between various Asian and European countries. In recent years, the Silk Road has been restored with a project called “One Belt One Road” to expand China’s and other countries’ economic ties. To this end, University of Tehran Science and Technology Park (UTSTP), in order to become an IoT hub and in compliance with the ZPark Agreement, will connect IoT, Block Chain and AI companies with China. The goals of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are to promote innovative and technological cooperation in the field of IoT and bilateral economic relations. Mutual cooperation is aimed at supporting institutions and companies on both sides. Highlights of the agreement include working with Chinese and Iranian companies and undertaking joint projects in the fields of health, tourism, finance, innovation, customs and social media, and promoting cross-border international cooperation in the field of IoT. To this end, the China-Iran IoT Innovation Center (CIIIC) was established in two countries, Iran and China, to serve as a focal point between Iran and Chinese related companies in the field of IoT, and to enable companies to prosper